Upcoming Topics

It is our desire to invite others into the conversation and dialogue about our differences on issues of theology and doctrine. This is a running list of topics we are covering. If you would like to hear about the Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant perspectives on a specific doctrine, please suggest it.

Here’s the topic schedule for Chad, Tony, and my Ecumenical dialogue:

  • The Sacraments
    • Baptism
    • Confirmation
    • Confession
    • Holy Orders
    • Matrimony
    • Anointing of the Sick
    • The Eucharist (Post 1 & Post 2) – Already posted
  • Scriptural Authority
  • (Ecclesiology) Keys to the Kingdom: Why it’s More than a Metaphor
  • Missiology (Theology of Missions)
  • Soteriology (Theology of Salvation)
  • Iconology: Visual Imagery and Symbolism in the Catholic Church
  • Eschatology (Theology of the End Times)
  • Women in Ministry

These are personal topics that I’ll cover at some point:

  • The Cassock: Why the Traditional Vestments Matter
  • Traditional Latin Mass and Novus Ordo: Is There a Difference

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